The Chitown Watches Guarantee

Chitown Watches guarantees all watches sold through our website to be 100% genuine and unworn. The watches will be delivered in the original box and will include all papers

Every watch manufacturer engraves/stamps an individual and unique serial number on each of their watches for identification purposes. Chitown Watches guarantees that each watch it sells will bear the original manufacturer’s serial number, intact and unaltered.

Chitown Watches is NOT an authorized dealer of any brand watch we sell. We source our watches from authorized dealers, distributors and other reliable sources. We do not source the watches we offer from unreliable or questionable sources. Watch manufacturers would like their products sold to the end-user via their designated authorized dealers at full, or close to full, suggested retail prices. We have arrangements with direct authorized dealers and distributors both in the US and internationally, from whom we commit to buying large quantities of goods throughout the year. Based upon the quantity we buy our suppliers sell us the watches at a only small margin above their cost.